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One Shot Firearms Academy is dedicated to providing proficient and effective firearms training while equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to employ your firearm.

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“Whether you are protecting yourself or someone else, one shot could make the difference between life, death, and the aftermath that follows.”


I had a last-minute booking, and she got us right in. She explained her process and what the fee included. Her communication and responses were quick and on target! Had an amazing time and will return!


KiOwana was amazing! She gave me a lot of info to keep in mind while at the range and for situational awareness. She made me feel comfortable and it was easy to ask her questions. Being on the outdoor range made me feel more comfortable and her being there to give advise, correct my errors and hype me up, made all the difference!”


Awesome class. The instructor’s priority is gun safety. Worth every penny.”


KiOwana’s Concealed Carry Handgun Course was great. She provided a lot of great information about NC Gun laws and how to properly use a handgun. Her knowledge and skills are worth the investment alone. The course was fun and I would recommend her to anyone. My family will definitely be returning customers.”


This is my second course at One Shot Firearms Academy with KiOwana -The Concealed Carry Handgun Course. The class was full of information on do’s and don’t about gun laws. She makes you feel comfortable with asking questions. The classroom setting is comfortable. In addition, when you are on the shooting range, she takes all precautions to make sure everyone is safe. I will say it again: she is informative and professional. I highly recommend her classes and you will not regret it.”


Very educational. I took one of Mrs. Phillips’ classes before with my daughter and this concealed carry class was great. There were some laws I didn’t know and I’m glad I do now so I don’t use my firearm at the wrong time or take it to prohibited areas. Highly recommend.

T. D.

As a beginner I was not intimidated because KiOwana was such an amazing teacher! She was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable shooting. Best experience I’ve ever had taking a class! I’m excited for the next level in my learning and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”


She is awesome, intelligent and great at what she does.”


As a person who feels uncomfortable around guns, this class is full of information and education. KiOwana is a fabulous instructor and professional at  explaining the do’s and don’t of gun use. By the end of the class I had a better understanding and felt comfortable on how to use a gun safely. I recommend her class for anyone who wants to learn about safety and guns. The target practice was great!! Looking forward to the next class.


What an amazing experience for my first time shooter daughter and I. KiOwana was professional, polite, and thorough! I even learned a thing or two!! I can’t wait to attend the concealed carry class.


From the first contact to the last moment and everything in between, this business oozes with excellence. First, Kiowana’s contacts, messaging, and emails were well-written communications that spelled out classwork, qualifications, etc. She always answered in a timely manner. Secondly, her knowledge and skill levels were evident in the content of the class. I personally have taught in the classroom and she made the content so easy in a step-by-step method that even a child could easily comprehend and apply it. As we were on the range, (I had never fired a handgun before) she was so calm and reassuring along with any corrections I needed. I felt confident by the end of the course that I could handle the gun as well as any difficult situation that might arise. As a teacher, I would give her an A++!” 

– AMY Z.

This class exceeded my expectations. After the class I felt much more comfortable carrying a weapon. This class exposed me to so much more than I expected. The one thing that I cannot thank you enough for is instilling in me the confidence that I can protect my myself and my family.”  


I really enjoyed range day at One Shot Firearms Academy. Before attending I didn’t know much about handling firearms but after attending I feel more confident about owning a weapon.  Before leaving the range, Mrs. Phillips made sure that I knew about gun safety. Mrs. Phillips is a great instructor she is also very professional. I look forward to attending another session. I rate this class 10 stars!!!


Best class I ever taken!  Very comfortable training environment & very informative. KiOwana is an A1 instructor and I highly recommend One Shot Academy! 


Wonderful instructor. Patient. Fun. I learned a lot and feel more comfortable now.


This year, I turn 50! Embracing my golden years has brought about a new freedom. I wanted to start the year off with a bang and One Shot Fire Arms Academy helped me to do that. The instructor, KiOWana Phillips, was knowledgeable, understanding and patient, helping me to enter the year of 50 feeling EMPOWERED! I feel equipped to handle a fire arm, but more importantly, I feel capable of protecting myself and keeping my little one safe. Thank you Mrs. Phillips for being an awesome instructor!


I rate your class excellent!  Not having handled a firearm before this class I was very anxious.  You are very calm, personable and encouraging during the class time and at the range.  By the time we finished at the range I didn’t have any anxiety and felt very comfortable to handle and use a firearm, actually looking forward to it!!


The most fun and friendly class. Super thorough and patient 100% recommend. I feel absolutely confident in making my first gun purchase for my business. Thank you so much Kiowana!


I would rate this academy a 10/10! Kiowana is a great instructor very patient and answered all questions with no hesitation. This was my first time handling a firearm and at an actual range and the overall experience was just incredible. Kiowana make you feel so comfortable with handling a firearm. Will definitely be visiting the range again! I highly recommend this academy. Thanks so much!!”  


What a fantastic day! Kio was patient and kind and a wealth of knowledge. Our group could not have asked for a better instructor or a better experience. Outstanding all around!


I am recommending OSFA to everyone who is in need of firearms training. Mrs. Phillips is very professional and dedicated to helping you. She gives you her undivided attention to make sure that you are secure with your weapon. I brought my personal firearm and I was also able to train with one of her firearms. I really enjoyed the experience and professionalism is everything


KiO was incredible! She was fun yet knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable and didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing anything about guns. I left the class feeling more comfortable about handling a firearm.


Kio did an amazing job! She was very professional and made me feel very comfortable during the entire training. I learned many things and feel confident about using a firearm now. I highly recommend this course with Kiowana!


Highly recommend! I immediately felt comfortable in Extremely Capable Hands! I learned some highly necessary lessons in handling a firearm and increasing my accuracy; I have an LTC and thought I was reasonably capable, although found put there was A LOT I didn’t know! I now feel more confident having learned proper handling…Had the opportunity to handle/fire different firearms and found the one which is better suited for me! Looking forward to the next session because I want to increase my accuracy and confidence. Thanks so much!!!


KiOwana is awesome in all aspects! From her training to her character, she is exceptional. And I truly thank her for giving me the time and space to help me maintain and practice using my gun so I can stay ready. I am truly going to miss her and our talks.


Thank you so very much for the awesome Basic Handgun Safety class today. Your depth of knowledge with handguns and your teaching methodology increased both mine and my husband’s level of confidence in handling our own handguns. This being the first time I ever fired a weapon I was a bit apprehensive at first; however, your directions and patience had me ending the day feeling like I was ready to safely defend myself in the unlikely event I was ever faced with a life threatening issue. On behalf of my husband and myself, thank you for allowing us to glean from your wealth of knowledge. We look forward to taking more informative classes with you!


My friends and I were fortunate enough to experience Ladies Range Day with Kio. Kio was fantastic! We learned so much and had many laughs. Kio is so much fun and so knowledgeable. She is also kind and patient. It was the best day!


What can I say that hasn’t been said??!! I’ll start by saying that her knowledge and skills are worth the investment! I thoroughly enjoyed the class from start to finish! I left feeling confident and wanting to do it again! She’s very personable and has the patience for those that do not know anything!”


Myself and 4 ladies took Ms. KiOwana’s Women’s Handgun and Protection Course. KiO is pleasant, extremely knowledgeable, professional, but also lots of fun! She made us feel so comfortable, three of us purchased handguns within a week of taking her course. It was important for me to find a handgun I felt comfortable shooting. Since KiO provided multiple handguns for us to try, I was able to find something perfect for me. I highly recommend taking one of her courses. They are for everyone; women, men, and even children. Thanks for everything KiO! It was a vibe!


Sending some brass down range was awesome with Kio! I got to feel comfortable with my husband’s Glock that I thought wasn’t for me, I got to try out a few different 9mms that allowed me to really know what I’m looking for when I get my own, and I overall enjoyed her badass feminine energy, so many ranges are lacking these days. Highly recommend! 5 stars.


I had a wonderful experience. KiO was an amazing instructor. I was rusty in my skills and nervous when previously shooting, but this was a great experience. I shot handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The shotgun had a good kick, but overall everything was great.”


Had a great first session this past month. I will definitely attend another session. The instructor is very knowledgeable about different types of guns and helped me correct my shooting form and accuracy. She is very patient and I’d recommend her for all skill level of shooters.”


My man surprised me with a trip to the range along with a course to help me familiarize myself and get more comfortable with my gun. I’m looking forward to the next one. Schedule your next one on one training with One Shot Firearms Academy. You will not be disappointed.”


Let me tell y’all about this Beautiful Spirit Ms. Kiowana. She is truly a Jill of ALL trades. I had the pleasure of Attending her Handgun Safety Course and she knows her guns. The class was EXTREMELY informative and Seasoned might I add.. Lol. If you are in the El Paso area DO NOT hesitate to contact her at One Shot Firearms Academy to set up a Range Day or Handgun Safety Course. She can also assist you with picking out guns and all types of accessories. You will NOT be disappointed.”


I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning more about handgun or firearm safety. I feel more comfortable after leaving this class and I think more ready to begin training now that I am a little better with the fundamentals. She was very easy to understand, answered all questions, and I think everyone that was there got something out of the class including myself. I am thankful that this class was even offered and I do plan on setting up more trainings with her in the future.”


Best experience I’ve ever had taking a class! As a beginner I was not intimidated nor lost. The class was fun, informative and a great way to learn! I’m excited for the next level in my learning and wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.”


So I went out and bought my first gun and was referred to one shot firearms academy! First I want to say the dynamic of the lesson she taught was extraordinary. The way she explained everything was so thorough and easily accepted. I’m not a people’s person at all, I actually hate talking to people I don’t know but she made me feel so comfortable to talk to her and to ask questions. Even when I messed up, which was a lot, she was so patient and walked me through the steps as much as I needed. Not to mention she is sooo funny! It was an amazing class and I’d recommend her a million times to any woman wanting to learn their way around a firearm. Thank you so much I feel so much more comfortable with my new handgun. I’m going to continue training!”


I am so glad I selected One Shot Firearms Academy for my CCW. First of all, she provides everything if you’re a beginner or established gun owner taking her class. Other CCW classes requires you to bring 100 round of ammunition, eyes and ears. She is very knowledgeable and patient with you. I felt very comfortable during my training with her. She helped with my stance, she noticed I pulled my shot left a lot. Which I never noticed! We did many drills, but my favorite was the one handed shot drill! I have never shot one handed before today, but I will incorporated that in my training. I definitely recommend, One Shot Firearms Academy!”


I truly enjoyed attending this class. Everything that I learned was easy to understand and the instructor was great. If you have the time I would highly recommend taking this class.


I would recommended One Shot to anyone wanting more knowledge about Firearms and getting their CC. The instructor was very understanding, presented information clearly, and covered all processes (emotional, mental, etc.) should you ever have to use your Firearm. I had such fun and learned a lot. My instructor was great, made it fun, and are me feel comfortable. Great job One Shot!


Had a great morning learning and shooting with KiOwana. She’s a great instructor. I highly recommend taking her classes.


I am glad I attended a course today. I finally got my stance right and she was very helpful. Thank you.


Thank you for the education and guidance. I definitely feel more comfortable with my firearm. “Wrong person” yeah that’s me lol. If you know you know.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking the women’s handgun & self defense course with KiOwana. This informative course will teach you gun safety, basic handling, fundamental of shooting and so much more. KiOwana is an amazing instructor, she’s very knowledgeable, patient, & her passionate teaching is inspiration. I look forward to training with her at the range.


Thank you so much KiOwana, for the handguns training yesterday. I’m so glad I took your class! I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident around guns and can’t wait to purchase and to shoot my first gun! Thank you, for being a blessing to all especially our Women.


Amazing course! I learned a ton. I’m more comfortable with my handgun and also now know the safety precautions to take, the basic fundamentals of firing it, handling malfunctions and how to prevent them! KiOwana broke down everything and made it easy to understand and took time with each of us one on one to make sure we were doing things properly. She also was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and great with answering any and all questions I had. I’m already scheduling the date to come back and get my CCW with her. Not only does she present the information effectively but goes above and beyond to make sure you’re more comfortable and confident with your handgun. Highly recommend this academy!


I loved taking this class. It put all my fears to rest with the exception of actually firing a gun. But I was able to learn how to properly hold and fire a gun. I’ve waited to purchase a gun until I had the confidence and thanks to this course I’m now ready to try the range. Thank you! I truly enjoyed your class and I look forward to taking the CCW class in the future.”


I loved learning from KiOwana, and I’m so glad I took her class! I feel so much more knowledgeable and confident around guns and I’m excited to continue learning with her at the range.”


My husband and I took a combination class and range shooting lesson. Kiowana knows her stuff and took the time to ensure all of our questions were answered. Instruction was thorough, engaging, and gave me the confidence I needed to feel like a responsible gun owner. I highly recommend her services and encourage others to take a class from her. We learned so much, from proper shooting stance and grip to how to clear a malfunction. During our range time she even simulated a malfunction to ensure we would understand how to clear it and continue.


I would highly recommend Kiowana for training. She’s so patient with newbies and has a clear understanding of where people are in their learning journey. As an ex school teacher I found her class very informative, clear and concise and I plan to use her again. I felt so lucky to have found someone that I could vibe with for this learning journey. Just know she comes highly recommended…!!!


MSG Phillips knows her stuff. In the Army we receive training when we go to the range but it’s usually by troops who are voluntold. I didn’t realize there was so much involved when it comes to the knowledge of firearms, protecting yourself, and being a responsible gun owner. Thank you for quality training.”


Kio provided options for private lessons in the comfort of my home or group lessons at a very reasonable price. She traveled to my home and was well prepared with all the equipment needed for my private hand gun and self defense training. She explained everything thoroughly before we went to the range. She is patient and professional. She matched well with my level of comfort, and my style of learning and understanding. I truly feel very informed and empowered to protect myself. I’m so glad I decided to take this important step in doing my part before thinking about owning a gun.


I was in KiOwana’s March women’s gun and self defense training and I want to take it again just because the class was very informative and KiOwana kept the information exciting! She also made the class very comfortable and fun! my experience with KiOwana from my first email inquiry about the class to saying goodbye afterwards was nothing but pleasant! now that I kinda know what I’m doing. I can’t wait to get more training from her.


I really enjoyed taking the class with KiOwana. She was very knowledgeable and helped a beginner like me feel so confident in my abilities.  I can’t wait to take our training to the range with her other services. I 100% recommended for all women or beginners out there.”


Had a wonderful experience with One Shot Firearms Academy today. Ms. KiOwana has eased my hesitation to protect myself with her engaging instruction. I look forward to working with her to get my Concealed Carry license and range experience.


I had a wonderful time with Kiowana, she made shooting fun! I felt completely comfortable and relaxed going through her drills. She’s patient, kind, professional and also has a great sense of humor. My group was mixed with new hand gun owners and those of us who were use to shooting but unfamiliar with cleaning are weapons. Kiowana saved the last 15 mins of our range time to work in a quick field strip and gun cleaning presentation with each of us. I would recommend her to everyone at all levels!


I loved that KiOwana came to my house for the presentation portion and practicing loading the bullets, my stance and etc. Her instruction at the gun range made me feel very comfortable and confident with each shot, as she would coach me through it and give pointers on how I was positioning my trigger finger. I highly recommend taking KiOwana’s course. She is very knowledgeable and personable.


I haven’t touched a gun since before I had my daughter. Honestly I was afraid because I didn’t know how to use it right. Kiowana helped my anxiety about guns and broke down everything very well. I don’t have to feel helpless when I go to the range or if I’m protecting myself and my daughter. Now I feel empowered”


Straight to the point, broken down, and knowledgeable training. I didn’t feel like like an idiot for asking questions because Kiowana was very open and approachable when teaching us. I will be taking the next class before purchasing my own firearm.”


Kia is definitely Wonder Woman. I personally know her and she remained professional. She made sure that we all understood the material before moving on which I appreciated. I learned a lot of things that I would have never thought of. She also helped me pick out my own firearm. Thanks for the training and will definitely refer you to friends and family.”


I’ve had bad experiences in the past when it came to guns and abuse. Kiowana heard my story and didn’t pressure me throughout my journey. She was patient with me and worked at my pace. I am more confident when it comes to handling a gun and I know the importance of training and how to protect myself properly. Thanks.”