About Me

Meet Your Instructor

KiOwana Phillips, A.K.A. KiO, or Wonder Woman, is the founder and owner of One Shot Firearms Academy. She is an NRA and USCCA Certified Instructor.

KiOwana is an active duty Sergeant Major in the United States Army with over 15 years of tactical firearms/combative training and more than eleven years of Facilitator/Instructor experience. KiOwana has been a gun owner since the age of 21, and she still owns her first firearm from 16 years ago. 

One Shot Firearms Academy started in Chandler, Arizona, whereas a female Firearms Instructor in the area, she trained hundreds of firearms enthusiasts. 

Due to Army reassignments, KiOwana’s business moved to El Paso, Texas, where she trained even more gun enthusiasts as a female Firearms Instructor in that area. 

One Shot Firearms Academy is now located in Raeford, NC. In October 2022, KiOwana purchased 14 acres of land, transforming it into an outdoor range with a classroom training area, farm, camping site, and area for other family recreational activities.

Some of her most popular courses are her Concealed Carry Handgun Course, Try Before You Buy Course (which allows students to handle and fire an assortment of handguns to identify the best fit for their lifestyle), her Women’s Handgun and Protection Course (tailored to everyday women with or without experience), and her Private Range Sessions. She strives to continue community service through firearms safety, training, customer service, and education. Her motto is Educate, Train, and Equip. One Shot Firearms Academy continues to train men, women, and children through various courses.”

Your constitutional right is to protect yourself and bear arms “if” you have not lost that right.

KiOwana’s hobbies include long-distance running, trap shooting, traveling with her family, and gardening. For more information about KiOwana, visit http://www.itsabusylife.com.