About Me

Meet Your Instructor

KiOwana Phillips, A.K.A. KiO or Wonder Woman, is the founder and owner of One Shot Firearms Academy. Her certifications include United States Conceal and Carry Association’s Certified Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and First Aid, CPR, & AED Certifications. She is also an insured firearms instructor.

KiOwana’s interest in firearms training began as a child while observing her mother as a women’s shooting league member and later through her military experience. She is an active-duty Sergeant Major in the United States Army with over 15 years of tactical firearms/combative training and more than ten years of Facilitator/Instructor experience. KiOwana has resided in nine states. Through relocation and education, she understands the importance of concealed carry state and federal laws. She has trained men, women, and children through her academy.

Knowledge is power. KiOwana’s ultimate goal is to provide professional and effective firearms training while equipping you with the knowledge and confidence to employ your firearm. Your constitutional right is to protect yourself and bear arms “if” you have not lost that right. Her mission is to know and understand how to do that safely, legally, and confidently.

Educate, Train, and Equip!

For more information about KiOwana, visit http://www.itsabusylife.com.